First Aid For Dogs}

Posted on June 18th, 2017

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First aid training for dogs is a vital skill for a pet owner. Dog owners are some of the most caring people in the world. Many would come close to a nervous breakdown if harm should come to their dog. Unfortunately, part of the tremendous love owners feel for their dogs involves seriously overestimating the dog’s ability to understand the risks around it and avoid injury. Even more troublesome, most dog owners would have no clue what to do if their dog becomes injured.

The first step an owner should take to prepare to provide first aid for their dog is to put together a first aid kit and keep it somewhere handy. Among other items this first aid kit should include day and night contact numbers for the dog’s veterinarian, directions to the veterinarian’s office and the number for the local poison control center. Locating these numbers quickly in the event of an emergency could save your dog’s life.

Other items which should be included in the first aid kit mirror much of the contents of a normal kit for humans such as bandages and gauze of different sizes, scissors, tweezers, cotton balls, cotton swabs, a rectal thermometer, and disposable gloves. For dogs, it helps to have a thick towel handy in case you need a stretcher. You should also include a rehydrator such as Pedialyte and a dense high calorie supplement designed for dogs. Medicines you should have available include diphenhydramine hydrochloride (An allergy medicine safe for use in dogs. You should clear the proper dosage with your veterinarian ahead of time), antibiotic ointment, eye and ear wash, sterile saline, hydrogen peroxide, cortisone spray and activated charcoal. Having the tools you need handy can make the difference between an emergency and a tragedy.

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Some of the most common pet injuries involve insect bites – Stings from bees, hornets, yellow jackets or fire ants. Dogs can not tell us how badly a bite may be bothering them so we have to be vigilant when the dog has been anywhere a bite might have occurred. A reaction to a sting normally happens within 20 minutes. Any dog that has a strong reaction to a sting should be monitored closely for the next 24 hours. There is a danger of anaphylactic shock.

If you notice your pet start scratching excessively, or biting at a particular area you should check for an insect sting. You should give the dog first aid as soon as possible. Find the location of the sting and attempt to locate the stinger. Insect stingers often break off and remain attached to the victim. Pulling these stingers out with tweezers often causes more venom to inject into the sting so you should gently scrape with a credit card, driver’s license or some similar piece of plastic to dislodge the stinger. A paste of baking soda and water can be applied for quick relief. If that does not work, diphenhydramine may need to be administered in the proper dose.

Another major source of pet injury is chocolate poisoning. Dogs love getting into chocolate, yet a dose as small as 1 oz. of milk chocolate or .1 oz of baker’s chocolate per pound of bodyweight could easily be toxic. At the least, lower doses can cause difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea and increased body temperature. If you suspect that your pet has ingested a large quantity of chocolate, you should induce vomiting by administering 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with a syringe and get the dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

These are just a couple of potential dog emergencies in which preparation can make the difference between recovery and death. Knowing the right action to take in case of an injury to your dog can save you a world of unnecessary grief. Talk with your veterinarian and make sure you are prepared before the danger presents itself.

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Wikinews Shorts: June 5, 2007

Posted on June 18th, 2017

A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, June 5, 2007.


  • 1 Moderate earthquake shakes central Greece
  • 2 Flemish Minister-President will not call Armenian massacre ‘genocide’
  • 3 Mudslide buries Valley of Geysers
  • 4 Back to the wild for pygmy kangaroos

A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck near Patras and its surrounding areas in central Greece on Tuesday afternoon, just before 3 p.m. local time (1200 GMT). There were no reports of injuries or damage.

“The strong earthquake was measured at 5.3 with the epicenter on the edge of Trichonida lake, some 110 kilometres [70 miles] west of Athens,” an Athens Geodynamic Institute official said.


Minister-President of Flanders Yves Leterme in an interview with the Turkish newspaper Zaman showed a hesitation to call the Armenian Genocide a genocide.

“Before a politician can judge if something is a genocide, the international institutions must speak out about it. …As a politician it is not wise to speak about a genocide until experts have judged it. I don’t stand alone with my view and I have nothing to add to this,” Leterme said.

The matter of the so-called Armenian Genocide lies very sensitive with some Belgian voters of Turkish descent. The situation reminds of the Dutch elections, when Wouter Bos from the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) refused to speak of an “Armenian genocide”. The polls project that Leterme’s party CD&V is to become the biggest political party of Flanders in the upcoming federal elections in Belgium next Sunday.

Related news

  • “French parliament approves bill on Armenian Genocide denial” — Wikinews, October 12, 2006


Russia’s Valley of Geysers, Eurasia’s only geyser field and the second largest concentration of geysers in the world, was largely destroyed by a mudslide on Sunday.

Millions of cubic meters of mud and rocks fell into the 6-kilometre-long basin, wiping out about two-thirds of the valley, which contains around 90 geysers and many hot springs. Located in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, the valley wasn’t discovered until 1941, and had only opened to foreign tourists in 1991.


Indonesia’s foresty ministry said Tuesday it will release 17 endangered Dusky Pademelons into the wild in the remote Papua province on New Guinea.

Also known as pygmy kangaroos (similar Red-Necked Pademelon pictured), the animals have been rescued over time from illegal animal traders and from people’s homes, where the little kangaroos were kept as pets. The species, Latin name Thylogale brunii, belongs to a family of seven kangaroo-like mammals that are found in forests of Papua, Western New Guinea and Papua New Guinea.


Woman killed in shark attack at Amity Point, Australia

Posted on June 18th, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2006Original Reporting

A woman in Australia has been killed in a shark attack. The attack occurred at 5pm (Local Time) just off Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island, south-east of Brisbane.

The woman, described as 21, had lost both arms up to the elbow and sustained severe wounds to her torso and legs. She was carried to shore by friends and was then flown by rescue helicopter to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. Surgeons were unable to save her.

The woman was holidaying from Brisbane with a church camp and attempts to contact her family have been made.

Emergency Services Rescue Helicopter crew officer Rod Morgan said the woman had suffered massive blood loss.

“She was very pale” he said, “We were diverted right away and were able to be on the scene within minutes and were able to have the patient at hospital within an hour of the attack.”

“She had life threatening injuries she had lost significant amounts of blood and the patient had what we would call an altered level of consciousness where it wasn’t able to communicate directly with the patient” said Queensland Ambulance paramedic Lachlan Parker.

There were many witnesses at the scene and they are now being interviewed by Police at Amity Point. They are described as being distraught.

One witness, who asks to not be identified, described that the victim was swimming in the sea with her Border Collie. When the attack happened, the dog ran home to raise the alarm.

“I was across the road from where she was staying and I saw the dog come flying up the road all wet and shivering and whimpering,” she said, “Then a little boy came running up and said the girl had lost her leg and her arm and everyone ran out of the house towards the beach. It was just a little black-and-white dog but he was crazy so I locked him under the house.”

Other reports claim that the woman had been scuba diving in murky shallow water approximately 15 metres from the shore.

The woman is believed to be from McDowall in Brisbane, but her name has not yet been released.

A resident of Amity Point for 20 years, Brad Ross, said tourists visiting the area have been warned of potential attacks; “The shore just falls away into 30m of water and there are plenty of bull sharks out there. People know when they enter the water there they’re stepping into a shark habitat.”

Other beaches on the island are protected by drum lines.

Queensland state police inspector Peter Harding believes from the severity of the woman’s injuries that she was attacked by a group of bull sharks, a species known for aggressive behavior this time of year. Water police will search for the sharks today and as a result, beaches on the east and west of Amity Point have been closed.

This is the first attack in the area since August 1972.

Local wisdom cautions against allowing dogs in the water at swimming beaches, because of a fear that they attract sharks, perhaps because of residue accumulated from fleas which live on the dog’s blood.

Sea lion walks from beach into Pantai Inn in California

Posted on June 18th, 2017

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • 2

Last Tuesday early morning, a sea lion walked from the beach into Pantai Inn in La Jolla, California. The animal was rescued by local animal rescue authorities. Wikinews took an interview from Shane Pappas, a General Manager of the inn.

((Wikinews)) At what time of day did the sea lion enter the Inn?

Shane Pappas: Surveillance footage shows that our sea lion friend made her way onto our property at approximately 5:45am on Tuesday morning. She waddled through our courtyard and climbed up onto one of our lounge chairs.

((WN)) How long did he stay in the Inn before he was moved out of the building?

Shane Pappas: The sea lion was not seen by our staff until about 6:30am. At that point my front desk agent Veronica made frantic calls to the authorities to find someone to come rescue the sea lion. By the time we got a hold of Sea World they were able to come and rescue her at around 9:45am. All told the sea lion was here for about four hours.

((WN)) What do you think attracted the animal? Was it the radio sound? Was it heard as far as the beach?

Shane Pappas: We’re not sure what attracted the sea lion. We like to think that it was the beauty and relaxation of our courtyard. In regards to the radio sound I’m not sure what you are referring to.

((WN)) Who and how transported the animal out of the building?

Shane Pappas: A gentleman named Bill who is a rescue worker with Sea World came out to rescue the pup. He asked if I would assist in the rescue which I was more than happy to do. It’s not every day that you get to rescue a sea lion.

((WN)) Where was the animal transported to?

Shane Pappas: The sea lion was loaded into a crate on a truck and transported back to Sea World. She will be kept there for six weeks so that she can be nursed back to health and returned to the wild.

Professional Dubai Photographers To Promote Your Hotels And Capture Moments Of Non/Corporate Events}

Posted on June 15th, 2017

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There are several agencies obtainable on-line that gives skilled photographers. These professionals manufacture outstanding work specialization and skill.

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Gomery report on Sponsorship Program released

Posted on June 15th, 2017

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Justice John Gomery has released a preliminary report into Canada’s Sponsorship Program, which was run from 1996 to 2003 by the federal Public Works Department to win support for federalism in Quebec. The program has recently come under fire for allegedly scandalous practices and has been accused of being a front to reward Liberal Party supporters.

The issue came to a head in the spring of 2002, when the Globe and Mail, using Canada’s Access to Information Act, discovered that $550,000 had been paid to Groupaction Marketing for a report that could not be located.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien then ordered Auditor General Sheila Fraser to look into the matter, who promptly launched a full investigation with assistance from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In 2004, Fraser’s audit was released and found that over $100 million was incorrectly paid to communications agencies rather than for social and cultural events which was the original intention of the program.

According to Fraser, officials “broke just about every rule in the book.”

Under intense criticism from both the public and opposition parties Prime Minister Paul Martin launched a public inquiry into the scandal which was to be headed by Justice Gomery.

The report found evidence of political involvement in the handling of the program, and found an “implicit link between the contributions and the expectation that the government contracts would be awarded.”

The report also claims that Chrétien holds some personal responsibility for the mismanagement. “Since Mr. Chretien chose to run the program from his own office,” the report reasoned “he is accountable for the defective manner in which the sponsorship program and initiatives were implemented.”

Among those accused of wrongdoing are Jean Pelletier (Chrétien’s former chief of staff), Chuck Guité (the bureaucrat in charge the program), Jacques Corriveau (president of PluriDesign Canada), and Jean Brault (president of Groupaction).

Australian government to provide Internet filters for families

Posted on June 15th, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Australian Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Senator Helen Coonan announced on Wednesday that the federal government would be spending AUD$116.6 million on a package of measures to protect Australians from inappropriate material on the Internet. Dubbed “Protecting Families Online”, the package includes free filtering software for all families.

The government claims that its National Filter Scheme will be central to the package. In addition to providing families with free filtering software, the government will also provide libraries with filters for Internet terminals. It is hoped that the filters will ensure that children using the Internet from libraries can do so without being exposed to inappropriate material.

As part of the package, the government’s Internet safety and advisory agency — NetAlert will be located within the Australian Communications and Media Authority — the chief regulatory authority for telecommunications, radiocommunications, Internet and media services. The government will also give NetAlert an additional $5 million to spend on advertising to promote its services.

In addition to the Protecting Families Online package, the government will again examine Internet Service Provider (ISP) level filtering. A trial will be carried out in Tasmania to determine its effectiveness. According to Senator Coonan it is the fourth time the government has undertaken such a trial.

As part of the trial, the ACMA will be required to report on ISP level filtering around the world and work with NetAlert to investigate advances in filtering technologies.

Senator Coonan assured Internet users that the initiatives were only to protect children from inappropriate material and the government wasn’t dictating what adults could access. “This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to protecting Australia families and we are not dictating to every Australian Internet user what they should and shouldn’t see,” she said.

Preference On Wireless Intercom Today}

Posted on June 13th, 2017

Preference on Wireless Intercom Today



Auto gate suppliers can offer a myriad of automatic gates based on the variety of brands they promote. Auto gates are becoming more popular with consumers for the home or any property that desires greater security.

Big mansions or properties with long driveways would install automatic gates with an intercom. Apartment buildings or condominiums in the city would prefer automatic gates with intercoms. An intercom is a very useful security tool for such properties to ensure safety for the premise and its occupants.

Wireless connections

With the progressive technology today, wireless intercom is growing more popular. With wireless intercom, there is no need for rolls of cables in the installation of auto gates. Without cables, there is no worry about pests biting the cables which would require replacement.

YouTube Preview Image

There are many good wireless intercoms in the market that are associated with branded automatic gates. The installation for wireless intercoms is simple and fast compared to hard wired intercoms which require long lengths of wire that is difficult to manage.

Wireless intercom connecting the auto gates is becoming popular as consumers prefer a more modern approach. Good remote controls for automation systems on gates are available and reliable. There are expert technicians who can repair these components should there be any operating issue. Intercoms can be enhanced with CCTVs or special cameras to identify the caller accurately before opening the gate. Suspicious characters can be discouraged from entering the premise with intercom identification.


Wireless intercom is preferred as it performs exactly the same as wired intercom. An intercom allows the premise occupants to be safe without opening the gate to any Tom, Dick or Harry unless proper identification is made. Apartment buildings or condominiums in the city would prefer automatic gates with intercoms. An intercom is a very useful security tool for such properties to ensure safety for the premise and its occupants.

An intercom allows the premise occupant to act more cautiously before allowing callers to come through the gate. Intercoms can be enhanced with CCTVs or special cameras to identify the caller accurately before opening the gate. Suspicious characters can be discouraged from entering the premise with intercom identification.

There are no wires or cables which a robber or burglar can get to or cut to disconnect the intercom facility with a wireless intercom option. Consumers are safer indoors with wireless intercom and automatic gates.


It is easy to use wireless intercom as the speaker component can be placed anywhere. There are two pieces of speaker components; one for the outdoors and another for the indoors. Modern technology today is very advanced to allow intrinsic technology to be incorporated into the speaker components so that long distances are easily handled without cables.

The frequency used between the speaker components is suitable to receive clear conversations between both parties.

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First winter snowfall in New Zealand

Posted on June 12th, 2017

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Overnight Friday a Southerly storm brought snow to both the Southern Alps and the central North Island mountains of New Zealand for the first time this year, closing major roads and stranding travellers at the start of the Queens Birthday holiday weekend. Police and the AA urged motorists to drive with extra care and to the conditions this weekend.

In the North Island, State Highway 1 between Waiouru and Rangipo, the Desert Road was closed by deep snow at 3 PM on Friday afternoon. Other roads in the area, including other parts of State Highway 1 between Bulls and Turangi, State Highway 4, via National Park, and 49, via Ohakune, were closed at 8 PM.

These road closures stopped all traffic through the centre of the North Island. About 200 travellers were reported to have spent the night at the Waiouru Army Camp, being accommodated in the Marae and the Barracks. Grit trucks and snow ploughs worked overnight to clear the snow and reopen roads, with the Desert Road finally being reopened about 12:30 PM Saturday.

Together with a slip threatening to close State Highway 3 in the Manawatu Gorge and damage to State Highway 2 after floods in the Bay of Plenty a couple of weeks ago, the only reliable alternative route for travellers around the North Island was via Wanganui and Taranaki.

In the South Island, Police and the AA advised that chains were essential when travelling over the mountain passes.

Yesterday, Mount Hutt skifield announced it would be opening Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning, skiers were reported to be queuing at the gates of Mount Hutt skifield, eager to get the first opportunity to hit the slopes in 2005. Other South Island ski fields were also indicating June opening dates.

The weather outlook is for cold southerly winds and rain over the Queens Birthday holiday weekend, with snow down to 400m in the South Island.

2006 U.S. Congressional Elections

Posted on June 12th, 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


  • 1 Issues
  • 2 Campaigns turn nasty
  • 3 Polling Problems
  • 4 Summaries by state
  • 5 Alabama
  • 6 Alaska
  • 7 Arizona
  • 8 Arkansas
  • 9 California
  • 10 Colorado
  • 11 Connecticut
  • 12 Delaware
  • 13 Florida
  • 14 Georgia
  • 15 Hawaii
  • 16 Idaho
  • 17 Illinois
  • 18 Indiana
  • 19 Iowa
  • 20 Kansas
  • 21 Kentucky
  • 22 Louisiana
  • 23 Maine
  • 24 Maryland
  • 25 Massachusetts
  • 26 Michigan
  • 27 Minnesota
  • 28 Mississippi
  • 29 Missouri
  • 30 Montana
  • 31 Nebraska
  • 32 Nevada
  • 33 New Hampshire
  • 34 New Jersey
  • 35 New Mexico
  • 36 New York
  • 37 North Carolina
  • 38 North Dakota
  • 39 Ohio
  • 40 Oklahoma
  • 41 Oregon
  • 42 Pennsylvania
  • 43 Rhode Island
  • 44 South Carolina
  • 45 South Dakota
  • 46 Tennessee
  • 47 Texas
  • 48 Utah
  • 49 Vermont
  • 50 Virginia
  • 51 Washington
  • 52 West Virginia
  • 53 Wisconsin
  • 54 Wyoming
  • 55 American Samoa
  • 56 District of Columbia
  • 57 Guam
  • 58 Virgin Islands
  • 59 Sources

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), John Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.